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Sorrow's Tears

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Name:Sorrow, the Three of Swords
Birthdate:Mar 11
Ah, the dreaded three of swords. Three swords pierce a heart. Against the background of a storm, it bleeds.

You were warned that the peace established in the two of swords couldn't last. What sharp words or cutting ideas have created here, not surprisingly, is pain and heartbreak. This card often relates to love-triangles; but remember this is an air sign, so what the Querent believes to be true was likely due to something they heard wrong or were falsely told, a wrong idea they got into their heads. It does not lessen the fact that hurtful words are going to be exchanged.

There is, however, an up side to this card, however bleak. Prior to now, the words and thoughts - possibly poisonous words and thoughts - have been bottled up. They now come out into the open, the cutting truth. I don't like you, or, I didn't say that, or, I'm sorry, but it's your best friend I love (ouch!). So, well, now the Querent knows; no more waiting, obsessing, wondering, worrying. Either blood or poison can drip out, and the Querent can get on with their life. They now know how things stand and can act on that, instead of on false beliefs, gossip and misconceptions.
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The Three of Swords.

Sorrow represents exactly what her name implies: sorrow, disappointment, strife, separation, rejection. She is the embodiment of the need to come to terms with pain and sorrow, emotional turmoil and the acceptance of the grief in one’s life. Sorrow reminds those she walks with that, while the mourning can be overwhelming, it is possible to recover, to move forward, to shed denial and embrace acceptance.

She understands loss and difficulty in ways most sentients cannot, and she offers non-judgmental compassion for all those who experience or cause sacrifice, cruelty, and broken relationships in life. Sorrow is also the embodiment of consequences. The card that precedes her is one of difficult choice, and she is the card of the consequences of that choice. Sorrow knows that many choices are simply between one good or another, one evil or another, and in the end, there will be pain to be felt following that choice, in losing the other option, in the belief the choice was wrong.

Sorrow is one of the few cards that fully understands jealousy, as it is a part of her base meaning. She knows heartache, she knows love torn apart, spread too thin. Even reversed, she cannot escape the deep mourning of her existence. Reversed, she represents denial, pure and simple denial.

Outside of her metaphysical purpose, Sorrow is a quiet, somber girl. Even as a young child, she didn’t laugh often. She is the first card born of another card. Sorrow, known as Reue before being Made by the other tarot, is the daughter of Ruin (the Ten of Swords) and a human woman in a long forgotten German town during the late middle-ages. She was left with Ruin when her mother believed her to be cursed, wanting nothing more to do with her seven years after her birth.

Sorrow remained with her father until she was ten, at which point Ruin felt she would be better raised by the tarot on their own world. She was left in their care for seven more years, at which point she asked to be like her father, aunts, and uncles. It was simply accepted as her path, and Reue was Made, taking the mantle of the Three of Swords.

She is caring, understanding, and has a sad beauty about her, something otherworldly. What mortality she may have once possessed was lost long ago, and she – as well as the rest of her family – don’t really consider her ‘Made’ so much as simply a part of them. Sorrow doesn’t travel as much as some of her family, choosing instead to merely perform her purpose and remaining close to her family. She is loyal and intensely close to her family, and she doesn’t become all that personally involved with the sentients she walks with.

Sorrow has intense blue eyes that always seem sad, much like her smile, and has long, hair the color of birch -- much like her father's. She's pale, young, slim, and stands about 5'6", preferring to wear dressed and sandals.

The Three of Swords is public domain and belongs to no one. She is used here for the sole purpose of role playing in [info]milliways_bar and no profit is being made whatsoever.
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